Saeed Panjehpour

Name: Saeed

Surname: Penghu Pour

Father’s Name: Ali

Date of birth: 1356/6/23

Degree: Civil Engineering

He was born in the capital of Islamic culture and civilization (Isfahan) in a religious and art family. At the time of his father’s life, he enjoyed his art as well as other family members and became interested in the original art of traditional tile and since the year 78 entered the arena officially. Later he went to college to study civilization in order to enhance his art and find modern ways to harmonize architecture and structure with this art. And now it is dedicated to promoting this art in Iran and all over the world.

Acknowledgments and Acknowledgments Saeed Panjehpour

The powerful and influential presence in the traditional Tile section of Iran and the Tile School of Esfahan and the strong belief in preserving traditions and its maintenance have resulted in numerous awards and letters of appreciation from government officials, foundations and independent organizations that featured a number of them. we let.